Poultry Drains After Plant Fire

A large poultry processor in eastern North Carolina had a massive fire that destroyed its facility. This company processed one million birds per day, so building a new facility as quickly as possible was imperative to limit the amount of extra cost associated with outsourcing the poultry processing.

Most food processing facilities wash down their operation daily to maintain cleanliness. That wash down requires a system of tributary and header drains to remove the water and residual product from the plant. In this case, not only were there dozens of drains that ran more than 100 linear feet, there were also two 30,000 gallon chillers that were drained and refilled daily.

This new plant required almost one mile of new custom linear drains that were as deep as 90”. The entire drain network needed to be onsite in six months, with shipments made as quickly as possible to keep pace with concrete pours that could only take place after the drains were set in place.

Our team – design, material procurement, and manufacturing – worked together to finish the project four months after release and two months before the aggressive deadline. We supplied several hundred sections of linear drains that provided a gradual but consistent fall to remove the instantaneous load of thousands of gallons of water, in addition to unused poultry product.

C.P. Eakes Company manufactures linear trench drains, slot drains, and spot drains that are typically used in industrial and institutional applications to direct water away from wash-down areas. We don’t ask our clients to use standard, pre-made drains that might not fit their applications. We design and manufacture custom-built drains specific to your requirements.