About C.P. Eakes Company

C.P. Eakes Company is the result of three generations of experience in the metal fabrication arena. The first two generations focused on HVAC applications, making air washers, duct work, fabricated pipe, air conveyors, support frames, and other metal goods related to industrial and commercial air conditioning and ventilation.

C.P. Eakes Company was formed in 1996 by the third generation to address the growing need for custom manufactured metal items designed to meet our customers’ very specific criteria. Our products are now used in three primary areas – OEM applications, manufacturing facilities, and construction.

Our polished stainless steel and brass cladding is used in OEM applications to create beautiful glass doors and store fronts. We make cladding either for your individual orders or provide stock and release programs for your ongoing cladded products.

Industrial manufacturing facilities rely on our laser, shears, press brakes and welders to make a variety of custom products that enhance employee safety and production flow. Both general contractors and specialty subcontractors order counters, flashing, safety ladders, and architectural products such as railings and decorative gates for new and renovation construction in industrial, institutional, and commercial projects.

We are a national leader in the stainless steel trench drain and spot drain market, providing in-house design and manufacturing for specialty flooring contractors, general contractors, and facility owners. We don’t ask you to implement a standard drain design. We design our drains to meet your specific project requirements.

We have the experience, equipment, and personnel willing to give your project the individual attention it deserves in our modern production facility. Let us know what your project requires, and the C.P. Eakes Company team will respond with all of its resources to meet your needs.