Polished Stainless Steel & Brass Cladding / Architectural Industry

C.P. Eakes Company is the prime supplier of architectural cladding for several national manufacturers of glass door and storefront systems. This cladding acts as a veneer, so the cladding must be formed to provide a hand-in-glove fit to our clients’ proprietary aluminum extrusions. The cladding material is typically brass or aluminum, polished to a #4 satin finish or #8 mirror finish, so the bending process must be both delicate to protect the high material finish and precise to ensure a perfect fit.

We maintain a large raw inventory of these polished metals in order to provide a quick ship program for both metals in both finishes, all formed to custom sizes and lengths. Our investment in this inventory program has allowed us to reduce ship times by 50% for stainless steel and 70% for brass. Each cladding section is hand fit to the client’s sample extrusion before it is shipped. This extra quality step has allowed us to maintain a 99.94% or better quality acceptance rate for each of the last nine years.

C.P. Eakes Company’s extremely high quality increases our clients’ production throughput, and our reduced lead times allow clients to provide quick ship programs that position them to capture more market share.

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