Stainless Steel Counters

Stainless Steel Counters
Stainless Steel Counters

Stainless steel counters offer durable, rust-free surfaces that are easy to maintain. Higher finishes provide a decorative alternative. We can provide back splashes, end splashes and front turn-downs to suit your specific requirements, as well as holes for drop-in sinks or plumbing connections.


Counter Styles
Counters Applied to Substrates - Thinner piece of stainless steel applied to plywood or other solid surface. Self-Supporting Counters - Thicker piece of stainless steel that does not require a substrate.
Stainless Steel
#4 Brushed Finish
Custom Decorative Finishes
Dry Abrasive (Random Orbital) Finish
Mill Finish
Common Applications
Auto Dealership Counters
Food Service Counters
Laboratory Applications
Medical/Veterinary Applications
Retail Counters
Stadium Refreshment Counters
Transaction Counters
Secondary Services
Bending for Splash Guard
Field Welding within Service Area
Installation within Service Area
Installing Drop-In Sinks
Turning Down for bullnose/edging detail
Welding In Sinks
Fabrication Capabilities
Hole Punching for Plumbing Hardware
Larger Holes for Drop-in Sinks
In-House Equipment
Our in-house equipment includes:

  • 2 Wysong Shears - ¼" thick, 12' long work piece ability
  • 2 Cincinnati Press Brakes - up to 350 tons, 12' long work piece 
  • Cincinnati CL-6 Laser- 2000 Watts, dual 5' x 10' beds
  • Mubea Ironworker Hole Puncher
  • Unipunch System - Attachment to our Press Brakes for punching holes

For a complete list of our top of the line equipment see our Equipment List.
Preferred File Types for Drawing Submissions
DXF, PDF, IGS, DWG, STP and all other file formats. We will also take hand sketches.

1 For more information on stainless steel finishes, see our Resources Page.

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