Custom Manufactured Tributary Drains

Laser Cutting for Complex Filter Design / Filtration Industry
Laser Cutting for Complex Filter Design / Filtration Industry

At C.P. Eakes, we specialize in developing and installing custom solutions, designed for specific requirements. In the project highlighted here, a national liquid soap manufacturer was in the process of repurposed a large storage space. They required additional manufacturing space; however, the conversion would require a number of significant modifications. The renovation the space would require included all new trench drains to direct water and residual product away from the new production areas.

Upon inspection, they discovered that the concrete floors in the former storage space were out of level in multiple directions. To accommodate their drainage requirements, the customer was prepared to replace all of the concrete flooring in order to provide a level surface in which to install drains. This customer needed a solution that would not require the immense cost of replacing the entire floor.

After we assessed the situation, it was clear that we could provide a much lower cost alternative. We designed and built a series of tributary drains that compensated for the uneven floors and still provided drainage with a constant slope. Our design expertise provided both an effective drainage system and saved significant money for this client.

At C.P. Eakes Company we manufacture linear trench drains, slot drains, and spot drains that are typically used in industrial and institutional applications to direct water away from wash-down areas. We don’t ask our clients to use standard, pre-made drains that might not fit their applications. We design and manufacture custom-built drains specific to your requirements. To learn more about this project, contact us today

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